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About TP preparations

TP preparations are effective irrespectively of age, sex or the stage of the disease IT HELPS! Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski for 50 years perfected the composition, form and methods of applying the TP preparations. - Their effectiveness has been proved by numerous cases of recovery from serious and very serious diseases. - Their biological activity has been confirmed by research conducted by clinicians, scientists and practising doctors. - Their safety and the lack f complications have been proved by research in a number of scientific institutes.

People from all over the country, from many European countries, America, Asia, Africa and Australia ask for TP1 and TP2 preparations In numerous letters they bless their effectiveness even in the so called 'hopeless cases like cancer or leprosy.

Dr. T. Podbielski, the inventor of TP preparations, cooperated with many scientific research institutions. In the photo - at the Institute of Parasitology of Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow.

TP1 and TP2 preparations are the carriers of chemical compounds consisting mainly of "the elements of life", as they were described by Prof. J. Aleksandrowicz. The increasing deficiency of these elements in the air, soil and water is the cause of numerous minor disorders. Provided to living organisms, the "elements of life" prevent many diseases from occurring and fight the existing ones.

The preparations are highly effective if used on their own, but they are also an excellent supplement to the conventional methods of treatment, such as pharmacotherapy, surgical operations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other, which should, nevertheless, always be continued.

There have been more and more reports on the positive effects of using TP1 and TP2 in systemic diseases. hey are effective in such illnesses as those of the digestive system, affecting stomach, duodenum, intestines, as well as liver and pancreas. They are helpful in the respiratory and nervous system diseases, mainly multiple sclerosis; in the disorders of organs of movement, joints and bones, also in fractures, states of weakness and exhaustion after injuries, chronic and infectious diseases, including viral infections such as viral hepatitis as they accelerate cell regeneration and enable quicker recovery. They are effective in chronic skin diseases, psoriasis, trophic and inflammatory changes, diabetes and other disorders of the secretory system, as well as in nephrolithiasis and cholelithiasis .
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